Thursday, May 1, 2008

Materialistic people

I come across some people in my life who are rich and materialistic in their life. I feel really bad for their family members especially their children for never have a specific time to share their life with this couple. I wonder if they ever think when most of their times were spend on earning more and more and more. But their love for their family are really lacking. I do remember I heard them saying a phrase where they think ‘money is more important than love’. Without money there is no love. Do they really understand the true meaning of what was said? They just don’t want to listen to their family advises on being too boastful and demanding. They hurt people with words, buying luxuries car just to show that they are filthy rich, going for holidays without their family and just enjoying themselves. All family members tend to run away from them. I hope they will realize even though how rich you would be, it would not be the same for spending some special moment with family members and sharing the love among them. All this are priceless.
I believe money is inherently neutral. We all are working not because we like it (but some do love their work) but because we want our family to have a house to stay comfortably, money to buy food or paying the bills. Everybody is doing the same thing in order to take care of their family so that they can supply enough for their family and take good care of them with a loving attitude. The most important thing is when we are sharing all this with our family, we feel really happy. Money isn’t everything. But why should we make as if money is in control of our life and changes in our character due to it.

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