Thursday, May 15, 2008

Never give up!! Be strong.

Sometimes life was so annoying. But I believe as long as you never give up yourself, everything will be fine. It was just that sometimes we need someone to talk to in order to gain supports from family members and friends to overcome some of the difficulties in live. They are many people who are struggling out there to survive each day and have come across to know many of these people in Malaysia who are really suffering in silence where their salary are not enough to support their family, and those who are jobless have been loitering around to find opportunities to get a job. I feel really bad for them as we could not help all of them. Why it is so difficult to get a job? I have view some of the reasons why this kind of situation still occur. As to my knowledge, firstly it was because some of these people are already in their middle age around 40 to 50 years old, so most people will prefer to employed younger people. What happen if this group of people still have many school going children to take care of. Will they have enough to eat? How would they continue to live each day when the breadwinner is jobless and have no savings? Who would be kind enough to help them get through this difficult time? We felt bad each time we hear a friend asking for cash to buy food or paying for their children’s school fees. We try our best but how can we manage to help all. We are not well off too. But we hope God will answer all their prayers to let them go through this difficult period in life.

One of them:

“Please give me some understanding, why my life had
been like rollercoaster for so many years. Does God really care? I wonder. I
want to make sure I am not making any more mistakes in life. But those lives we
are living never seem better. Struggling to meets end everyday still never
getting better. Many ways had been said or done. It is just that I was always
struggling to get through. I know God is there and I'm praying all this will end
soon. Downturns in life have been really making me stressful and depressed all this
while. I always think life don't have any more meaning. One after another of
problem come jerking up. No ending, no free hour to relax. Money always makes
people crazy but I don't ask for more. Just enough for my family. I don't need
to be a millionaire or staying in a bungalow. I just want my family to live
moderately. I need money to pay bills, school fees, transport fee, house rental
and food. That's the simple basic thing that I'm asking for years. It is the
same when come to borrow money from people, I hate owing people money and not
all people understand why my life have been in such a situation. Many friends
try to stray away when they know that I have no money to support my family. I
feel all these people are materialistic type. I can't force them though. I
understand that point, it is because they do not want to part with their hard
earned money. So I am not blaming them. In my heart sincerely I treat my friends
very good. I love them. But their attitudes I can't tolerate. When you are
rich, they will always visit you. But when downturn in your life had begun,
their shadow you will never see. Their thoughts and loving gestures are like
shit and they only want to be a stranger in your life. How can these people be in
my life? I never know my friends and closest siblings will look down on us, just
because we have no income and afraid that we will ask from them, they just
avoided us. I know it is very difficult time until at times I thought I am
losing my mind. I can’t even sleep because I want my family to live better but
now they all suffering with me. I look for jobs but they prefer younger people
to join them but what about us? Does age so important when times are bad? I
really don’t know what more I can do now. “


Johnny Ong said...

if that happens to me, i wld be really lost .... totally lost in the wilderness

May said...

well johnny, I hope it won't happen to you. May God bless you always. :)

Gabrielle said...

Hi May, I feel your pain and I agree that life is not always full of care-free blissful days filled with sunshine and laughter. I have had my share too of heartache, financial strain and sleepless nights wanting a better life for my family. Keep your eyes toward the heavens believing that God will lift you up and have faith that He will provide! I hope and pray that life will be sunny again :-)