Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeremy

Happy Birthday Jeremy

It was you that make me feel
How much this world mean to me
It was you that make my world
Fill with wonderful moments and happiness
With you around, my world fills with hope
And courage to lift my spirit high
You are so special to us in so many wonderful ways
Honey you are everything to us
We pray each day be fine and wonderful for you
And fill with happiness, love and laughter

It was my boy birthday today and he is 13th, I like to make this dedication for him. He is a wonderful boy and very energetic. His love on computer was too much and we really have to control his time spending on it. But I think he is much better than us in this cyber world because they just have the talent to know what went wrong on the computer when we encounter error. Anyway, Happy Birthday Honey boy, we love you always.

I have made a video dedication to you at youtube too.

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