Monday, June 9, 2008

Time to change the lifestyle

Sometime when in certain day your emotion just gets into your nerves. We face various problems that we already have. I’m not mentioning about serious problem that we are going through like serious illness, major financial breakdown, family rivalry or relationship crisis, but about daily small problems that we encounter. It is always never ending problem each day especially like when you forget where you put your things, you broke you favorite crystal ball, computer isn’t working, you forget to pay the electric bill, what to cook for dinner, have the children finish their homework, misplacing your keys and the lists go on. Well this tends to happen to us each day. Worry about this and that little thing. But many of these things are out of our control and never expected it to happen but suddenly just confronted us. It is in living each day we just have to deal with many of these problems that make our life more challenging.
Now we are facing a challenge on how to overcome the crisis of price rising tremendously in our daily life. It is really something we never expect to happen at all. We just sit and think for hours to understand if the situation were going to get worst. How we going to manage this and that, what we going to sacrifies of, how much we can afford to spend or what going to happen in few months time? We all are not well off, so we really have to be very careful with what we can afford. No more holiday trips for this time, no more spending unnecessary, eating out less, car pool or use the public transport and only buying the necessity basic needs. So it is the time to start a serious financial planning for the family.