Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Youngest Blogger In Malaysia

Today as I read through some blogs in the net, I come across a young blogger which I like to share with all out there. An interesting blog from an eleven years old boy.
Actually I was trying to encourage my daughter aged twelve to start a blog, and I did help her to setup a simple photo blog to start with.
(My Amazing World):

It does really amaze me that this young boy named Gloson is the youngest Malaysian blogger online. I think this is really some kind of healthy hobby if our children do have the interest to blog too. And Gloson writes very well too.


C. Marie Byars said...

Hi, May. I'm finally getting around to putting your blog on my blog role. Take care & God bless!

May said...

Thanks Marie.

jellyfishwiggle said...

Hi, May.

Greetings from

Message sent to MunYee blog.

Jellyfish mum

May said...

Thanks Jellyfish mum, hope you'll drop by again. Keep in touch. :) May